Behavior Specialist

Our Board Certified animal behaviorists evaluate your pet to provide you with strategies for managing behavioral problems. The strategies are achieved with a combination of methods – from environmental changes to medication.

Behavior modification concentrates on helping a pet change undesirable behavior. Although training skills like sit, come, and stay are good for any pet, they are not adequate in themselves to address some behavior problems. Behavior modification focuses on helping a pet that is overreacting to certain situations. Through the development and utilization of special behavioral modification techniques just for pets, our behavioral program is fun, which helps your pet learn faster and makes it enjoyable for you as well! We use positive reinforcement methods only. With a compassionate and understanding approach, we will help you and your pet make the most of your sessions.

Commonly treated conditions include: Aggression, Separation anxietyi, Phobias, Compulsive disorders

Animal Behaviorist

Gerrard Flannigan
Greensboro, Huntersville