Payment Options

We will provide a good-faith estimate of the cost of our services before pet treatment, however, unforeseen circumstances may arise that influence your final bill.

A deposit toward the cost of services is required in all emergency cases, and in many instances, a deposit is required for surgeries and other procedures.

Payment in full is expected at the time services are provided or upon discharge of your pet; we accept payment by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and CareCredit (a payment option for healthcare services).


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there payment plans available for my pet’s care at CVS?
CVS is proud to offer CareCredit® options. It is an easy application process that will give you results in minutes.

What are my financial obligations for a visit to CVS?
You are financially responsible for the initial exam fee and any diagnostics or treatment that you consent to for your pet’s treatment. This payment is due at the time of service. For further hospitalization, diagnostics, or surgery, a deposit is required up front with payment in full due when your pet is discharged.

What are the fees associated with bringing my pet in on emergency?
A deposit payment is required for all emergency examinations. Once the staff and doctors examine your pet, an estimate for treatment will be given to you to determine a treatment plan. For further hospitalization, diagnostics or surgery, a deposit is required up front, with payment in full due when your pet is discharged. We will discuss with your veterinarian the possibility of transferring the care of your pet back to your regular veterinarian. Together with your veterinarian, we will make the best medical decision for the continued care of your pet.

Will I be provided with an estimate of costs?
Yes, we provide and discuss our written estimate with all clients before they leave our facility. We require a deposit based on our estimate prior to any further treatment.