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Our Specialty Is Your Pet

Carolina Veterinary Specialists assists in the diagnosis and treatment of companion animals with complex diseases in Greensboro, NC. We work closely with your primary care veterinarian to provide therapies for the most challenging medical conditions. With an emphasis on quality and service, we provide the most sophisticated veterinary care possible.

Greensboro, NC Services Include:

  • Emergency Medicine
    Carolina Vet Specialists operates as an extension of your family veterinarian. Late nights, weekends, and holidays – any time that you are unable to reach your vet, we are here to help. We step in and provide service as seamlessly as possible. Our entire staff is specially trained in emergency medicine and triage.
  • Internal Medicine
    Our board-certified veterinary internists are trained to diagnose and treat systemic diseases, excluding those requiring surgery and those affecting the special senses (eyes, nervous system, hearing). Carolina Veterinary internists rely on a vast variety of blood tests as well as radiography, endoscopy, and ultrasound to determine the cause of your pet’s illness.
  • Surgery
    The Carolina Veterinary Surgical Team offers comprehensive surgical options for the treatment of a wide range of soft tissue and orthopedic disorders, excluding those involving the eye and central nervous system.
  • Oncology
    Our highly experienced and exceptionally skilled Medical Oncology team will use a multi-modal approach to treat your pet’s cancer. The Oncology Specialists will use a series of tests and tools to determine optimal treatment options. Additionally, our Radiation Oncology team is highly experienced in treating cancers with radiation while limiting exposure to normal tissues.
  • Radiology
    In addition to providing state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services to support our veterinary specialists, radiologists also provide film-reading services for your primary-care veterinarian as well as outpatient ultrasounds.
  • Ophthalmology
    Our ophthalmologists provide both medical and surgical care for all ocular diseases of companion pets. Many diseases can be managed with medications alone, while others require surgery.
  • Behavior
    Our Board Certified animal behaviorists evaluate your pet to provide you with strategies for managing behavioral problems. The strategies are achieved with a combination of methods – from environmental changes to medication.

Your Primary Care Veterinarian and Our Greensboro Specialists Work as a Team

We work closely with your family veterinarian to provide the best course of treatment for your pet. Your veterinarian knows your pet’s medical history, and we rely on your doctor to detect the need for advanced specialized care.  After your visit to our Greensboro, North Carolina hospital, we contact your veterinarian and provide a detailed written report.

Carolina Veterinary Specialists accepts new clients by referral only. Our 24-hour Animal Emergency accepts all clients.



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